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Mission & Vision

Pingry Summer campers and staff live by The Honor C.O.D.E. As they encounter new activities and challenges, campers are encouraged to be Curious, Open, Dedicated and Enthusiastic while remaining true to Pingry’s greatest value, Honor.

Honor at camp is defined as respecting others, the environment, and oneself. Throughout their day, Big Blue Summer counselors and staff guide campers in developing self-confidence through practicing collaborative & problem-solving skills. We encourage campers to ask questions, consider many views, and work toward common goals with a positive attitude!

Our camp’s Honor C.O.D.E. is an extension of Pingry’s Honor Code, which empowers students to lead by example and behave honorably through personal integrity rather than rules and regulations.

Measurable Outcomes


  • Campers will ask questions related to activities

  • Campers will identify points of connection between activities, as well as making connections that extend beyond camp – to the camper’s life or the world at large

  • Campers will seek opinions and input from others (campers and staff)


  • Campers will express interest in peers’ personal experiences and background

  • Campers will listen actively to others’ ideas and perspectives

  • Campers will carefully consider or test solutions before rejecting them


  • Campers will express and work toward goals

  • Campers will attempt to complete tasks at their ability level independently or accept help to achieve goals beyond their ability level

  • Campers will try again after a failure


  • Campers will express a willingness to try participating in a variety of activities

  • Campers will encourage their peers in a variety of contexts and circumstances

  • Campers will develop age-appropriate methods to process disappointment, frustration, anger, jealousy, etc. in a way that is productive, safe, and respectful of others


  • Campers will use kind and respectful language when speaking about others and self

  • Campers will identify, prioritize, and react to needs of self and others (with support)

  • Campers will make choices that maintain or improve the spaces they inhabit