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Pingry Summer
2021 Additions


Pingry-X (Rising Grades K-8)

Pingry-X summer programs focus on educating the whole child using instructional methods such as experiential education, social emotional learning, and design thinking through fun and engaging activities. These programs were developed by Pingry faculty who expressed a need to provide students with the intangible tools (executive function, emotional regulation, mental resiliency, etc.) for success in their return to school in the fall. Pingry-X is divided into two camps: “Pingry Thinkertown!” for campers in rising grades K-5, and “Pingry X-pedition” for campers in rising grades 6-8.

Sticky Fingers Cooking Camps (Rising Grades K-8)

Sticky Fingers Cooking is passionate about cultivating ‘cool’inary curiosity in kids! And it’s not just because it’s cute when a five-year old can tell a fennel bulb from an onion bulb (although that is pretty cute!). We believe in helping children cook because it’s good for their bodies, their minds, their families, and the earth. For 2021, Pingry Summer is excited to offer a Basic Training Baking Boot Camp, and a Kids Cooking Network Summer Camp!

Kid Wizard Club Magic Camp (Rising Grades 2-8)

Every day, students will learn NEW magic tricks they will run to share with others, as well as play interactive games and enjoy coordination and creativity challenges…all reinforced via daily themes like Respect, Preparation, Enthusiasm, Humility, and Giving.  At the end of each course, your child will be transformed by all their new skills, and head home with fun magic props, file folders full of secrets, an online Video Vault of every trick’s instruction, new friends, and unforgettable experiences!

A Study in Digital Photography and Graphic Design (Rising Grades 9-12)

Learn the basics of good photographic and graphic compositions, learn how to edit your images in Adobe Photoshop, and learn how to creatively manipulate your images through a variety of alternative digital techniques. Open to students in rising grades 9-12. 

Put Your Best Fork Forward! – Cooking Camp/Culinary Arts (Rising Grades 8-12)

Welcome Chefs in training! Living through a pandemic has taught us how to adapt our cuisine. In putting your best fork forward, you will dive into the delicious world of international cuisine, learning about nutrition and farm to table cooking, food culture across the world, developing basic culinary skills, and you will be able to enjoy your favorite cuisine at home. After completing this course, you’ll be ready to become the next Top Chef!  

Introduction to Filmmaking (Rising Grades 9-12)

This course will teach the basics of filmmaking from camera shots and angles, to lighting, sound effects, screenwriting, editing, and more! While studying the important elements of great films, we will view selections from both American and international movies to see these concepts as they play out on the silver screen. Then, students will put this knowledge into practice, producing their own films, using Adobe Premiere Pro to edit like professional filmmakers. On the final day, students will share their work with their class!

New Pingry Summer Swim Intensive! (Rising Grades PreK-12)

Our Pingry Summer Swim Intensive program is a great way for all levels of swimmer — from toddlers to advanced competitive athletes — to fast-track and improve their abilities in the pool. Parents may sign up for any week or weeks that best fit their busy summer schedules.

We Need Diverse American Stories (Rising Grades 6-8)

We will discuss diversity in terms of the identifiers we are comfortable sharing with the group (race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, and/or ability). We will read, watch, and listen to stories written by diverse American authors. We will discuss how their identifiers impact their storytelling. We will explore our own identifiers and discuss their impact on our storytelling. We will write our own diverse stories in the genres they wrote in (poetry, short story, script, speech, article).

Writing Your Story (Rising Grades 6-8)

In this workshop, you will read stories about one’s identity. You will consider questions such as, “Who are we?”, “Why is it important to tell one’s story?”, and “What stories have shaped my life?” We will use literature as a guide as you craft our own story. We will work on close reading and writing, and you will leave the workshop with your own draft of your story.

Want to Write a Novel?(Rising Grades 10-12)

Do you have an idea that you’ve been dreaming about writing? A story that haunts you and won’t let go? Let’s get started making that dream a reality. In this course, over five days, we will take the seed of your idea and turn it into a plan for a full working draft. You will learn how to outline plot points, create compelling characters, and design a rich setting. We will use writing prompts, character interviews, story maps, and other engaging activities to help you construct your story.

Intro to Latin (Rising Grades 6-8)

The class will begin with an introduction to the main parts of speech in English as well as direct objects and indirect objects. The students will learn the basics of declensions and conjugations while translating sentences of increasing difficulty. At the end of the two weeks, students will know 1st and 2nd declension nouns, all four verb conjugations, as well as the main parts of speech in Latin. To enhance the learning of Latin, students will engage with interactive online activities such as Gimkit, Kahoot, and Quizlet. Looking forward to a great two weeks!

Intro to Chinese (Rising Grades K-5)

Children will learn simple daily topics such as numbers, greetings, self-introductions, colors, and more. This course aims to cultivate children’s interest in learning Chinese and helps them build good learning habits. This class will be an amazing experience to build confidence as the classes progress. 

Study Abroad (Rising Grades 6-8)

In this exploration course, students will learn to use Google Cardboard and Google Tour Builder to create a virtual experience to various Spanish-Speaking Countries. Students will integrate language, media literacy, and technology skills in this course. As well as, immerse themselves in the many cultural aspects of that particular country. 

Theatrical Design (Rising Grades 9-12)

The Theatrical Design course is an intensive studio experience that explores the methodology and practice of contemporary scenic and costume design. This comprehensive introduction covers the skills and techniques needed to research imagery, design space, serve character, and express nuance found in dramatic literature (through personal point-of-view/response, and script analysis).

Thematic Design (Rising Grades 9-12)

The Thematic Design introductory course is a collaborative, project-based experience that merges theatrical design, architecture, and land-use planning methodology. Students will participate as part of a design team, and ideate creative solutions to one complex challenge: the design of a theoretical theme park or attraction based on a work of literature. (I.e. Charles dickens’ oeuvre, Lord of the Rings [Tolkien], The Nutcracker [Hoffmann]), Over the duration of two weeks, the group will learn and hone technical skills for completing five abridged phases of project management; concept, feasibility, design development, construction drawing, and presentation.

Public Speaking (Rising Grades 6-8/9-12)

Whether for an audience of 1 or 100, we all have likely experienced that terrifying moment of standing at the front of a room to give a presentation. What if there were a way to build confidence and more effective verbal communication and presentation skills? This course will guide students through numerous concrete tools that will help them both prepare and “perform” for any kind of public speaking situation, from interviews and speeches to group projects and zoom presentations.

Southern Literature & Art (Rising Grades 9-12)

Let’s head south and together we will explore the rich southern literary tradition by examining short stories from authors such as William Faulkner, Tennessee Williams, Truman Capote, and Alice Walker. We will also examine southern art ranging from quilting to folk art to photography. We will dive deep into the richness of southern art and the complex intersection of race and culture that has shaped the distinct southern voice.

Purposeful Writing and Rhetorical Modes (Rising Grades 10-12)

This course will be equally valuable whether students already love to write or feel terrified each time they stare at the blank page. Students will learn how to write authentically and confidently by letting purpose and audience become the driving force for what to say and how to say it. We will run the gamut of writing styles, from personal to professional; we will learn and use the ten basic rhetorical modes as a means to serve our writing contexts, whether crafting an academic analysis or an argumentative op-ed. We will read and analyze short, high quality non-fiction texts and employ a mentor-text approach as we devise our own essays. Students will emerge as far more confident and capable writers, ready to tackle any writing task they face in academia and beyond. This course would make an ideal pairing with the AP Language & Composition Intensive.

AP Language & Composition Intensive (Rising Grades 11-12)

Whether one is about to take AP English Language & Composition in the fall, interested in taking the AP exam in the spring, or simply wants to deepen his/her/their understanding of non-fiction argument and analysis, this course will provide an overview of the AP Lang “big ideas” and “skills” both for exam purposes and beyond. Among the numerous focal points of the course, students will learn how to improve their timed writing skills, how to assess the rhetorical situation, and how to organize a line of reasoning in order to support a claim with evidence. We will also go over multiple choice strategies that can be applied to both AP English exams and other standardized tests. The hope is that students will emerge from the course as more confident writers and analytical thinkers.