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Introducing Pingry-X

A Fun and Transformational Summer Camp Experience

Experience. Excitement. Excellence.

Looking for a curated “more than just a camp” summer experience designed to give your child:

  • Laughter, fun and joy in a strong in-person community?
  • Opportunities to learn through experiences beyond “traditional academics”?
  • Skills and tools to thrive and meet life’s challenges with confidence?

Choose Pingry-X,  an exciting, new two-week Summer Experience that educates the whole child through experiential learning with intentional community-building and a blend of outdoor nature-based programming!

Built by expert Pingry faculty and specialists, including school psychologists, Pingry-X delivers unique programming to teach important skills and tools that augment the regular academic curriculum.  Start laying out a strong foundation across core skills – such as mental resilience, growth mindset and organizational skills – and start EARLY, instead of waiting until senior year to ponder if they’re ready to go out into the world.

By creating the right mindset, providing positive support and thoughtful structure, and holding a sense of fun and community at its center, Pingry-X helps each child explore their full potential and dive deeper into individual interests.

Creating the right mindset: We want our campers to approach the program – and the world – courageously, creatively, mindfully, and collaboratively, with empathetic awareness and determination. Each activity in our program is designed to bring out this mindset in students and set them up to continue this mindset as they journey in the world.

Providing support and structure: Pingry-X introduces tools and processes to help young learners excel. By emphasizing guided interactive experiences, Pingry-X allows campers to learn “by doing” and explore tools like:

  • Project-based learning: To explore real-world problems
  • Design Thinking:Human-centric approach to creative problem-solving and innovation.
  • Service Learning: Projects that boost civic engagement in students and help them take initiative to strengthen their community.
  • Social and Emotional Regulation Training (e.g., breathwork training): To better regulate emotions and build self awareness

Holding fun and community at the center: When children feel stress free, joyful and connected with the world they truly blossom! Our goal is to make everyday feel like an adventure filled with wonder, spontaneity, celebration, connection and laughter so that your child goes away with great memories, new friends, new life skills, and new found excitement for life!