Zatna - Advanced CS Topics: Data Science Programming - Pingry Summer
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Computer Engineering 201: Digital Logic Design (Zatna)

Basking Ridge
Rising Grades 6 - 12
Dates in Jun, Jul
Half Day
Partner Program
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$450 / week

Course Description

This course will explore binary arithmetic, boolean algebra, logic gates, combinational logic, and synchronous sequential logic.

Topics Covered

  •       Number systems
  •       Binary addition and subtraction
  •       2’s complement
  •       Switching algebra
  •       Representations of logic functions
  •       Combinational circuits
  •       Truth tables
  •       Sequential ciruits
  •       Latches
  •       Flip-flops

Camper’s Portfolio

  •       Daily blogs
  •       Digital Logic Design project
  •       Project Documentation
  •       Inspired future work


Weeks Times
Jun 27 – Jul 1 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.


Lunch Add on available

Camp Credentials

  • This camp is accredited by the American Camp Association!

Drop-off/Pick-up Location

Middle School Entrance

What to Expect

Robots and Coding and Data… OH MY! Zatna’s amazing certified instructors cover Computer Science, Mathematics, Engineering, Technology, and Entrepreneurship.

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