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Personal Growth Coaching – Deborah Munies

Rising Grades 11 - College
Dates in June, July, August
By Appointment
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$920 / 4 private client sessions (50 min/session, includes written follow-up with parent/guardian)


Provide your young adult with a foundation in Emotional Intelligence to help them manage life’s  challenges, stressors, and big decisions.  

Each week we will cover tools and techniques to help them learn increased self-awareness,  self-management, and motivation. 

  • Gain lifelong stress management and decision making skills 
  • Identify and implement improved self care habits 
  • Recognize and shift painful thoughts and self beliefs holding them back • Determine personal core values to self motivate and inspire 
  • Create and work towards personal goals 

Summer time is an ideal time for young adults to focus on their personal growth without the  stressors of school and the time crunch of activities.  

Poise your child to more adeptly handle the rigors of these important college preparatory and  transitional years.  

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Meet Executive and Personal Coach, Deborah Munies

Deborah is a master certified Executive Coach who works with high achieving adults and  college-bound students, helping them to move forward professionally and academically, and  create balance personally, so they can feel less overwhelmed and able to see new possibilities.  

She has worked with CEOs, senior leadership teams, managers and entrepreneurs in Banking,  Finance, Sales, Human Resources, and Academia. Her college-bound clientele come from both  private and public highly ranked schools, with an eye on finding their dream school. 

Prior to starting her consulting practice, for over 20 years Deborah was the Corporate  Communications leader at financial services and mergers and acquisitions organizations. She  managed communications and marketing initiatives, and advised senior leaders on transition  best practices, change management, and culture development; most notably with Lehman  Brothers Mortgage pre and post bankruptcy.  

Deborah has been featured in The Huffington Post, Thrive Global, spotlighted in local news  programs, and in 2018 she combined her coaching and broadcast journalism experience and  launched the Apple podcast, Let’s Figure It Out, where she inspires others with her real  conversations with leaders and how to effect real change. 

Deborah works with individuals and groups, and speaks at organizations to inspire, motivate  and encourage positivity through her signature presentations – Changing the Mindset, and The  10 Points of Pivot. 

When she’s not coaching or hosting her podcast, Deborah can be found on her Peloton Tread,  introducing her daughter to the art of comedy, building inventions with her son, watching Netflix  with her husband, or forgoing her green smoothy for the ideal chocolate chip cookie.

What to Expect

Provide your young adult with a foundation in Emotional Intelligence to help them manage life’s challenges, stressors, and big decisions.

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