Reading Like Writers, Writing Like Readers Session 5 (1/2) - Pingry Summer
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Reading Like Writers, Writing Like Readers Session 5 (1/2)

Short Hills
Rising Grades 1-2
August 1 - August 5
Half Day, AM
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$775 / Week

Course at a Glance

Favorite Authors Study: Getting to Know Their Books Really Well

Writing Book Reviews: Persuasive Writing

Based upon the Teachers College Reading and Writing Workshop format, this week will be devoted to first and second grade readers and writers who will be developing their growing skills for reading and writing, learning about its power and purpose. This week, students will be reading books by particular authors. They will begin to deeply appreciate an author’s writing style or craft, and learn more about their favorite author.  When readers read different books by the same author, they will notice things the author often does. They will become experts about their favorite author, and think about reasons the author writes certain things. The writing session will coincide with the reading unit. Students will write book reviews to recommend titles and authors they believe others should read. They will learn how to convince people to agree with their opinion. Students will continue to learn to develop their stamina, fluency, and comprehension. Each day, students will participate in reading and writing mini-lessons, have time to read and write independently, engage in one-on-one conferences with the teacher, and receive individualized instruction. They will learn to deepen their reading comprehension and lift the level of their own writing through the use of a variety of literacy skills, strategies, tools, and mentor texts.


Target Skills



  • Readers will gather and read texts by authors they love.
  • Readers will notice similarities and differences among the texts by authors they love.
  • Readers will try to find out more about their favorite authors’ lives.
  • Readers wonder where authors get their ideas.
  • Readers look for themes that run through favorite authors’ books.
  • Readers notice their favorite author’s writing style and craft.
  • Readers recommend favorite authors to other people.
  • Students will recognize when they are having difficulty in figuring out a word.
    • They will apply word attack strategies where appropriate.
    • They will expand on sight words to increase fluency.
    • They will fix their reading if and when they make mistakes.


  • Writers will write book reviews to recommend titles and authors.
  • Writers will give a sneak peek summary of their favorite book being careful not to give away too many details about the book.
  • Writers will use checklists to make sure that each and every part of their writing is as strong as it can be.
  • Writers will be able to write with increased stamina.
  • Writers will experience the writing process; Collecting, Rehearsing, Drafting, Revising, Editing, Publishing, and Celebrating.


Dates Times
August 1 – August 5 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.


Doing an afternoon camp? Lunch can be added for a fee.

Drop Off/Pick Up Location

Front Driveway entrance

What to Expect

Enrichment. Advancement. Development. A Summertime Taste of Pingry’s Academics.

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