Themes for Inquiry - Honor C.O.D.E. | Pingry Summer
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Themes for Inquiry

Big Blue Summer themes excite campers and create new memories each week. This summer, they’ll also expand on our Honor C.O.D.E. by encouraging campers to explore and develop skills required to become leaders in the modern world. As described in a recent American Camping Association blog, these “soft skills” are a major component of camp learning. And BBSDC is aiming to bring these skills into sharper focus this summer.

For example, Animals Week returns this year with a new focus on listening. We’ll explore the many ways animals use their senses to understand the world around them as we practice actively listening to one-another with all of our senses.

These leadership themes also allow for greater flexibility in our special activity schedule. You may see water slides make an appearance more than once this summer, and brand new special activities – from a live game show, to a mini film festival – will add to the excitement.

Our full list of learning themes build from a focus on the camper’s individual strength to skills that create effective and productive communities: Growth, Listening, Flexibility, Communication, Teamwork, Ingenuity and Confidence. Whether you join us for the full learning arc, or pop in for a week or two, we know your camper will take away something more than just memories this year.

How we’re practicing C.O.D.E. this month:
Curiosity – Investigating new special events vendors.
Openness – Applying new ideas from the ACA Camp Conference.
Dedication – Turning Pingry into Camp for a day.
Enthusiasm – Meeting candidates for summer staff positions!