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X-Pedition Activity List

X-Pedition is an innovative approach to summer camp, injecting core skills training into a variety of different in-person educational experiences that can be customized to fit each camper’s interests.

Each day at X-Pedition begins with Morning Meetings to help set positive intentions and goals for the day, creating an intentional space for social emotional learning, community building and well-being. Then, each camper is immersed in two selected week-long experiences to explore specific core skills and topics in more depth. Engaging in out of the box interactions with core academic subjects as well as unique interdisciplinary connections in non-traditional classrooms, learners navigate challenges, smile and grow together.

What could the Social and Emotional Learning activities look like?

The Social Emotional Learning Program will be mandatory for all campers and will run across the 2 weeks. Below is an example program that students will participate in

X-Pedition Human Values Program will be a week-long program that will give children the tools they need to thrive and meet life’s challenges with a smile. Through breathing techniques, games, creative projects, problem-solving strategies, interactive processes and service projects, children learn tools and skills to:

  • Release stress and negative emotions
  • Boost concentration and memory
  • Build self-confidence
  • Handle peer pressure and bullying
  • Strengthen human values and social skills

What will the elective activities at X-Pedition look like?

Each elective activity at X-Pedition is called an Experience. X-Pedition will offer a range of different Experiences across STEM, Arts and Outdoor Programming. Each Experience will be week long, allowing students to engage in out of the box interactions with core academic subjects as well as unique interdisciplinary connections in non-traditional classrooms, all with the goal of building towards their core skills. Students will select a total of 4 Experiences (2 in each week) across the 2 weeks of their camp

What could a STEM-based Experience look like?

Below is a sample of some of the STEM Experiences that will be a part of this program. Each experience will be one week long. Students can choose a total of 4 experiences (2 in each week) from the different buckets

Fun with Math:

A football game in math class? Figuring what is the best best buy in a supermarket?

In this activity you will explore aspects of math through puzzles, games and hands-on experiences. Most of the activities will be interactive group based exercises that you can play with your classmates. Build your problem solving and logic skills while you explore these wonderful games and puzzles!

Water Ecology:

From micro invertebrates to underwater forests and massive fish, the marine environment is teeming with impressive organisms and ecosystems. During this water ecology course, we will learn about the ecosystems of the nearby area. We’ll go to the nearby stream to study different types of macros, assess the water pollution levels and design a system to clean out our water and make it safer!

Putting the “C” in Chemistry! Become a Chemical Cosmologist, Criminal Investigator, Chocolatier and Collaborator!

Not all chemists become Bill Nye or work in a lab – chemistry is all around us! Experience the chemistry side of five careers or hobbies by spending a day immersed in each of them. Create and optimize skincare products by experimenting with different ratios of ingredients, analyze evidence at a crime scene, choose from different compounds to make your favorite bowl, try your hand at making different formulations of chocolate and finally put your skills to the test to “escape the room” by contributing and relying on your teammates!

Engineering for Your Environment

  • Designing buildings to withstand an earthquake?
  • Helping conserve the ocean and protect the reefs?
  • Designing cities that can handle snow storms?

This program enables students to use engineering and design to seek solutions to their key environmental concerns. Campers will build innovative designs to solve climate and environmental challenges like navigating earthquakes, saving the ocean, preserving endangered species etc. Participants will explore design, science, engineering and also create digital art projects to key environmental concerns . Daily challenges will incorporate and build on mindsets used by designers and engineers.

Physics of Cars

Explore new dimensions of physics by learning the science behind cars. Learn principles related to speed, acceleration, energy, thrust and aerodynamics and apply your knowledge to hands-on experiments involving building cars. The week culminates in designing and building your own fast car. And once the build is complete, the race is on! Race your Car on a fun and competitive course designed by counselors and test different build models to see which car is the fastest!

Sustainable Farming Camp

Learn about sustainable farming techniques at Pingry’s Basking Ridge campus, where campers will build raised garden beds to grow plants, learn how to care for chickens (food/water, health checks, coop cleaning, etc.), and operate an active composter. Campers will also be able to use and maintain Pingry’s hiking trails, as well as gain some experience cooking with campfire!

What could an Arts-based Experience look like?

Below is a sample of some of the Arts Experiences that will be a part of this program. Each experience will be one week long


Students in this class will learn to present hot-button issues in a concise, clear, persuasive way through mock debates. They will learn how to organize ideas, write speeches, and present a line of reasoning. Have fun getting into friendly yet lively arguments about real-life issues!

Conservation Photography

Love your environment and also want to explore photography? Then sign up for this! Over the course of this week, students will learn the concepts of photography (color, perspective, composition) and then will go on various trails to understand and document the natural ecosystem of the surrounding area. Building attention to detail and exploring creativity, students will complete a variety of fun projects that they can then take back home. All levels of experience are welcome!

Actor’s Tool Box

Want to get introduced to acting in a fun way? The actor’s toolbox introduces unique ways of accessing voice, body, imagination, concentration and cooperation. Students will have a blast playing various theater games! At the end of the week, we will organize a scene performance to showcase everything we have learned

Creative Writing – Religion, Race and Gender

This program offers aspiring student writers the opportunity to explore and develop their talent. During the workshop, students will learn tools and strategies for developing their writing craft. Areas of focus include developing character, effectively employing figurative language, and playing with diction and rhetoric.  Additionally, the focus on specific themes of religion, race and gender will allow students to look at a subject from all angles and build empathy, understanding and a true ability to look at things from the lens of others. By the end of the workshop, students will have created a mini-portfolio to showcase their work.

Storytelling and Coding with Minecraft

Join us for an immersive program combining coding and storytelling that will allow students to challenge their prescription of their abilities in both the subjects. In this camp we will use the design process to create interactive stories using MInecraft. Campers will participate in world-building exercises from the stories they want to showcase, will learn the basics of architectural design and use coding as a means to collaborate with other students! Who said coders can’t be storytellers? And who said storytellers can’t be coders?

Storytelling through Movement

A mix of dance and creative writing, this program examines the convergence of movement and language. We will begin each class with a physical warm up and a writing prompt. In addition to learning from inspiring professional performances, we will create and develop our own techniques that are relevant to acting, choreographing, directing, and writing. The week will culminate with students sharing their work in the form of a performance

What could an Outdoor-based Experience look like?

Below is a sample of some of the Outdoor Experiences that will be a part of this program. Each experience will be one week long


One of the world’s oldest sports is suddenly extremely popular thanks to some recent heroes and heroines. With characters such as Katniss in The Hunger Games and Hawkeye in The Avengers wielding a bow and arrow, this is your child’s chance to experience the feeling of letting the arrow fly.

Hatchet Survival Camp

In this program, students will be engaged in several “survival” simulations while integrating their understanding of science and engineering into the various activities. They will have to build a shelter, build fires, understand the local ecology to gather food, build tools/weapons/traps. In this process, they will also have to learn to work with a team. Get ready for a fun, challenging and adventurous activity!

Field Sports

Campers will participate in various sports activities through the week. Each activity is setup to inspire passion, develop athletic capabilities and help build endurance, teamwork, communication and concentration

Speed School

At Speed School individuals can develop their athleticism by focusing on drill work to improve their change of direction, speed and power.   There is no better way to increase athletic ability through skill building and goal setting while gaining confidence and building self esteem.

Science of Movement

Individuals will learn the basics of how your body moves, focusing on the musculoskeletal system and basic biomechanics. You will learn about different sports to show how certain movements work (i.e. what it takes to hit a homerun in baseball, or do a backflip).