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Activity List

At Thinkertown!, young learners exercise their imagination, stretch their skills and move their bodies through a thoughtful curation of activities.

Morning Meeting


Challenge Activities

Product Development and Execution

Civic Engagement

What happens during the Community Activity time?

Every day, campers will engage in mixed-age groups in activities related to wellness and civic engagement.

Thinkertown! Civic Engagement Program will teach children not only about civic lessons (e.g., government, healthy and sustainable lifestyle, justice, equity, environment) but also how we treat one another, communicate, instill empathy and work for the common good of the community. Through a project based approach, campers will:

  • Get an opportunity to identify an issue they care about, research the topic and consider what they can do to make an impact.
  • Deliver a speech about the issue to discover their passion and voice
  • Take action on the specific topic, working with the community on a common project

What kind of surprises are in store for campers during their Afternoon Adventures?

Full-day campers will set off in the afternoons for fun and exciting adventures. Below are a few examples of some potential surprises!

Scavenger Hunt
Pack a picnic and lace up your hiking boots! We’re headed out to explore the outside world. Instilling wonderment for and value in protecting our environment, our Ecology Scavenger Hunt introduces them to local animals, insects and plants.

Escape Room
What happens when a modern day inventor has been kidnapped and her machine has been reprogrammed to destroy Thinkertown!? To save the town, campers must deactivate the device but they will need to get through four padlocks in less than an hour. Multiple locked boxes and clues are scattered across campus and only by deciphering these together, will campers be able to find the hidden keys to save the day!

Field Trip: Ropes Course Challenge
Campers learn about team-building and facing fears in a ground-based course designed using a series of cables, ropes and obstacles. The Low Ropes Course Challenge is a group challenge that tests balance and strength as well as communication and teamwork. As the group begins to move toward success, they discover the parallels between these activities and the challenges in their day-to-day life.

Field Trip: Sustainable Farming Field Trip to Basking Ridge
Get ready to plant some vegetables, care for chickens and operate an active composter! Pingry’s Basking Ridge campus features a sustainable farm that is the perfect hands-on environment to learn more about sustainable farming techniques. Campers will also go on discovery hikes along the trails and gain some experience cooking over a campfire!